Great British Koi Show 27th- 28th August 2022

Koi Show

As one show closes another looms ever closer The Great British Koi Show…..! we will be in attendance over the weekend so why not pencil these dates into your diary and pop along and visit,this promises to be a really good show and back to a show ground so familiar to so many Koi keepers […]

Show Time

Koi Show

Don’t forget to put these dates in your diary…..!the BKKS National Koi Show on 2nd and 3rd of July we will be in attendance again this year and look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Welcome To The New Web Site

It’s taken many many hours of hard work but we are pleased to finally welcome you to our new website,we hope you agree its a vast improvement over the old one and we think it will make your online shopping with us even more enjoyable,please bare with us for a few days whilst we get […]

Needle Flow Control Valve Kit

Needle Valve Kit

These needle Valves are the best and most accurate way to control your water flow from your dechlorinator especially useful to that that run a trickle in/out system,now available on the web site in a complete kit. Click To Purchase  

New Mugs Added To The Range

Koi Mugs

There are now 3 more Koi Mugs added to the range Inc Kohaku,Sanke and Shiro Utsuri fabulous quality mugs at an affordable price. Purchase Here..

Kaneko Tancho Kujaku

Tancho Kujaku

Kaneko HQ Tosai Tancho Kujaku, again really difficult to purchase this variety as they are so sort after,so we were really pleased to be able to obtain these all have good Maru and from the master of these Kaneko.    

Sakai Jumbo Tosai

Sakai Jumbo Tosai

Sakai Jumbo Tosai again these are getting harder and harder to purchase outside the breeders auctions but we have managed to get 20 all come with a breeders certificate sizes approx 28-38cm fabulous growing on projects.    

VHQ Tancho Showa & Tancho Kohaku

Tancho Show

Excellent high quality Tancho Kohaku and Tancho Showa,Tancho Showa are getting so difficult to obtain nowadays especially quality like this with nice round Maru.    

Okawa Jumbo Tosai

Doitsu Sanke

HQ Okawa Jumbo Tosai Doitsu Sanke all with very good skin and Sumi quality and already a very good size, perfect for growing on      

Momotaro Auction Success


Once again we have had some success at purchasing these two super Momotaro Nisai from auction both are superb and will make excellent show Koi size Sanke 55cm Kohaku 59cm

VHQ Sakai Jumbo Tosai

Sakai Tosai

We have managed to secure these very high quality Jumbo Tosai from Sakai,purchasing Jumbo Tosai from this breeder is becoming increasingly difficult as most go through their auctions only now so we were very please to get these Size approx 28-36cm and come with breeders certificates.    

New For 22…..!

Showa Mug

A new range of top quality mugs will be available this year starting off with the Showa mug others to follow shortly,include Kohaku,Sanke,Shiro Utsuri,Goshiki,Tancho,Tancho Showa etc etc,something to suit all Koi enthusiasts.

HQ Gin Rin Showa

Gin Rin Showa

Excellent quality Gin Rin Showa from Ogata Koi Farm and Isa bloodline,these once again in the right hands and pond conditions will grow very easily we have in the past grown these from this size to middle 50cm in one growing season size 26-31cm only 10 available so be quick.  

Super Clean HQ Benigoi


Very HQ super clean Jumbo Tosai Benigoi these grow really easily given the right conditions and would make an excellent addition to any pond size 28-32cm.Only 15 available on a first come first served basis.    

HQ Isa Tosai Showa

Isa Showa

Yesterday we received our shipment of Tosai Showa from Isa Koi Farm, these are high quality and once grown on to Nisai will represent amazing value also,Isa Showa are now held in such respect throughout the world and getting harder and harder to be even able to purchase this high level quality.Tosai Size approx 26-30cm. […]

Aqua Eco HiBlo Air Pumps Back In Stock…!

Aqua Eco Air Pump

Now back in stock the Aqua Eco HiBlo Air pumps, these have without doubt been our best selling air pump over the last 4 /5 years and have proven to be not just ultra reliable,but one of the best priced air pumps on the market today,these are available in 4 different models 56ltr,80ltr,100ltr,120ltr, all come […]

Aqua Eco Vario Back In Stock…!

Aqua Eco Vario

Now back in stock the Aqua Eco Vario Sine Wave water pumps, these have without doubt been our best selling pump over the last 4 years and have proven to be not just ultra reliable,but one of the best priced variable speed pumps on the market today,these are available in 3 different models 10,000ltr 22,000ltr […]

Stunning Momotaro Sanke

Momotaro Sanke

Once again we have managed to secure these 2 VHQ Momotaro Sanke,both have fabulous skin quality,Sumi Placement,and great bodies.

More Quality Koi Secured

Aka Matsuba

We’ve managed to secure this bowl of real good quality Matsuba and Hi Utsuri,the Hi Utsuri all have good patterns and the Aka Masuba all have great scalation size approx 35-40cm Unsexed from the breeder Maruasi,so we know these will grow big really easily.  

Special Hanna Tester Offer..!

Hanna Blog

Special Offer……!  Hanna 4 Testers Package Deal Hanna 4 testers package deal, we have put together a great value package which includes the most commonly used Hanna testers. ph Tester,Nitrite Pocket Tester Low Range,Ammonia Pocket Tester Low Range,Total Chlorine Pocket Tester Ultra Low Range Only £267.80 Click To Purchase