Friday 9th February Day 4 Ueno Koi Farm

Today we went to Ueno Koi Farm, and to get there we always catch the Shinkansen from Kurume to Shin-Tamana, where Ueno San picks us up and takes us to his farm.Ive said this on so many occasions before, that due to us visiting fewer breeders and in some cases smaller breeders has now over […]

Thursday 8th February Day 3 Ogata Koi Farm

Yesterday was very successful on Ogata Koi Farm so hoping today will also prove fruitful as we again are hoping to go through several more ponds selecting Jumbo Tosai,we also will be looking at our Azukari Koi making those all important decisions as to what to potentially leave agin for another growing season and which […]

Wednesday 7th February 2024 Day2 Ogata Koi Farm

Today we will be going to Ogata Koi Farm where we will be selecting many Tosai including our baby Tosai more to follow……… We have spent the whole day today on Ogata Koi Farm selecting our Baby Tosai, and some Jumbo Tosai, we managed to hand select over 300 baby Tosai and they are superb […]

Tuesday 6th February 2024 Day 1 Okawa Koi Farm

Okawa Koi Farm…… Today we went to Okawa Koi Farm, and we are very pleased to report back we have managed to select many really good Tosai, and we think you will like what we have coming back to the UK, whilst there we also as i predicted purchased a few really good quality Nisai […]

Finally Arrived….! 5th February 2024

Well that was a very eventful trip, that we had not planned or anticipated…..all was going so well up at 4am Sunday morning in good time to get showered and ready for the long day ahead including getting to the airport for 6am to get checked in and drop of our baggage off…..what could possibly […]

And So It Begins….! 4th February 2024

And So It Begins……! So once again our long journey to Japan has started, and unlike past years we are doing it differently this year and flying from Heathrow with British Airways,albeit it was not our preferred choice but due to several reasons we have had no choice but to take this route, for many […]

Japan Spring Tosai Buying Trip February 2024


Japan Is Calling………. It’s that time of year again when we head off to Japan in search of Tosai…so we will be closed from this Saturday 3rd February 2024 at midday, until Tuesday 13th February 2024, Please Note: During this period no online sales will be despatched, and any orders received will be dealt with […]

Auction Success…..

Auction Koi

Auction success…….! Just because we are back from our buying trip to Japan does not mean for one minute our buying is over…..we are still feverishly looking at what’s available through the online auctions,and success was had at the last Ogata Auction we managed to purchase the above superb very high quality Jumbo Tosai along […]

Saturday 11th February 2023 Heading Back To Tokyo

Well all good things come to an end…today we make a start on our journey home so got to catch the Shinkansen from Kurume to Shin-Osaka them from Shin-Osaka To Shinagawa in Tokyo and the Narita express to Narita where we will stay the night before flying home Sunday,

Friday 10th February 2023 Day 5 Okawa Koi Farm

Today we will head back to Okawa Koi farm today to maybe select a few more Koi that we have been asked to look for by customers check over  a couple of Azukari Koi we have there,also discuss further possible purchases once his final Tategoi selections have been made,then whilst there also discuss a few […]

Thursday 9th February 2023 Day 4 Ueno Koi Farm

Today we will visit Ueno Koi Farm to hopefully select some really nice Tosai Showa as well as look at 2 Azukari Koi we have there,its always such an enjoyable day when we visit this farm and the hospitality shown to us by Ueno San is 2nd to none,we have now been going to this […]

Wednesday 8th Feb 2023 Day 3 Ogata Koi Farm

Another full day again selecting Tosai at Ogata Koi Farm,today was spent in the fish house which contains the very good quality Tosai there are 5 ponds in which you can choose to select from we ended up selecting from 2 and were very happy with our selection,one of the ponds was one with many […]

Tuesday 7th Feb 2023 Day 2 Ogata Koi Farm

Japan day 2

Today we will be visiting Ogata Koi Farm where we hope to purchase many Tosai of many different varieties we will post more info later………… Very good day we selected 300 superb quality small baby Koi in many different varieties,these are slightly bigger than those selected in previous years but we felt out of the […]

Monday 6th Feb 2023 Day 1 Okawa Koi Farm

After finally getting to our beds after more hrs on the go than i can remember i managed to get at least a few hrs sleep…..Day 1 beckons which will be a visit to Okawa Koi Farm……..More to follow later on any new purchases made….. Today was a very good day with so many really […]

Sunday 5th Feb 2023 Arrived And On Route Down South

Well finally we are heading down south firstly on the Narita express to Shingawa then the Hikari  Shinkansen to Shin Osaka then from there onto the Sakura Bullet train to Kurume where we will be based for the duration on our stay, its been an eventful trip so far all was going well until Neil […]

Last Orders Before We Leave For Japan….

Spring Trip

Please Note: As we are heading off to Japan this Saturday don’t forget to place any orders you may have this week as our last day to ship anything out before we leave will be this Friday 3rd Feb 2023, You can of course continue to place orders whilst we are away and these will […]

Japan Spring Tosai Buying Trip Feb 2023

Japan Trip

Japan Is Calling……! Well it’s been a long 3yrs since we were last in Japan, in fact we were actually in Japan at the AJKS in January 2020 just as this virus was kicking off world wide,who ever thought what we were all going to have to endure over the preceding 3yrs……!well hopefully that’s now […]