Triple Baby Blue

triple baby blue

Triple baby Blue We have been asked and have made many bespoke systems all to different configurations Doubles and triples so have decided to now offer this one.Ideal once again for those that run smaller ponds and quarantine systems and want to ensure you get the best water quality possible with a bonus of not […]

Autumn Harvest


We realise everybody has a budget so with that in mind we have selected some really good quality Nisai Males from Okawa like these in the picture that will be at a very affordable price especially for the quality and will make great additions to anybodies pond.Nisai size approx 52cm-58cm. Along with these we are […]

New Bone Char Reusable Cartridges

Bone char

These refillable Bone Char cartridges come complete with Carbon installed and ready to use, once the carbon is exhausted simply pour out the contents and replace with new Carbon. These cartridges are ideally suited to be positioned in the final stage of your purifier as it is superb at removing heavy metals and water staining. […]

Okawa Koi Farm Number 1 Nisai Purchased


Once again this year we have been able to purchase the 3 best Nisai Males from Okawa Koi Farm that they produced and as you can see they all have superb pattern great body and very good Sumi placement and quality,those that know me know only too well my thoughts on male koi and just […]