Kaneko Tancho Kujaku

Tancho Kujaku

Kaneko HQ Tosai Tancho Kujaku, again really difficult to purchase this variety as they are so sort after,so we were really pleased to be able to obtain these all have good Maru and from the master of these Kaneko.    

Sakai Jumbo Tosai

Sakai Jumbo Tosai

Sakai Jumbo Tosai again these are getting harder and harder to purchase outside the breeders auctions but we have managed to get 20 all come with a breeders certificate sizes approx 28-38cm fabulous growing on projects.    

VHQ Tancho Showa & Tancho Kohaku

Tancho Show

Excellent high quality Tancho Kohaku and Tancho Showa,Tancho Showa are getting so difficult to obtain nowadays especially quality like this with nice round Maru.    

Okawa Jumbo Tosai

Doitsu Sanke

HQ Okawa Jumbo Tosai Doitsu Sanke all with very good skin and Sumi quality and already a very good size, perfect for growing on      

Momotaro Auction Success


Once again we have had some success at purchasing these two super Momotaro Nisai from auction both are superb and will make excellent show Koi size Sanke 55cm Kohaku 59cm

VHQ Sakai Jumbo Tosai

Sakai Tosai

We have managed to secure these very high quality Jumbo Tosai from Sakai,purchasing Jumbo Tosai from this breeder is becoming increasingly difficult as most go through their auctions only now so we were very please to get these Size approx 28-36cm and come with breeders certificates.    

New For 22…..!

Showa Mug

A new range of top quality mugs will be available this year starting off with the Showa mug others to follow shortly,include Kohaku,Sanke,Shiro Utsuri,Goshiki,Tancho,Tancho Showa etc etc,something to suit all Koi enthusiasts.