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Aqua Drum 35 (35000Ltrs)

Now Available the latest model in the Aqua Drum range the Aqua Drum 35 which has a smaller foot print and a maximum flow rate of 35,000ltrs per hour this model is ideal for those with smaller ponds and less space available please remember flow rates depends on how many bottom drains or skimmers are feeding the drum.

Please call us for more information on this model and if you would like to pre-order one you can now.


Base Size: Length 71cm/710mm x Width 64cm/640mm

Overall Size at the top: Width 79cm / 790mm X depth:72cm/720mm


Inlets:3 x 110cm/110mm

Outlets:3 x 110cm/110mm

Waste Outlet:1 x 110cm 110mm

Drum Screen Size:50cm/500mm Dia x 40cm/400mm 70 Micron

Drain:1.5 inch

Max Flow Rate:35m3 or 7700 gallons or 35000ltrs

We personally spent many months working very close along side the manufacturer who produced this drum filter including visiting their factory several times to discuss drawings and potential new ideas and are therefore as a result very pleased with the end product.

In our opinion these are the best drum filters available want to know why we think this please call us for more information

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