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Virkon Aquatic (1 x Tub of 50 Tablets)

1 x Tub of Virkon Aquatic (50 x 5 Gram Tablets)

Virkon Aquatic For Effective Control of Aquatic Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts and Moulds

? Complete Control-aerial, water system and surface disinfectant including food contact surfaces
? Powerful-independently proven effective against all major fish viruses
? Effective at low temperatures with proven efficacy against key fish pathogens


Dosage for pond usage is aprox 1 x 5 gram tablet per 1000 gallons dependent of water hardness

Directions for Usage as Disinfectant

Add one Virkon Aquatic Tablet to every 500ml of water to make a 1% solution and allow to completely dissolve. Thoroughly wet all surfaces and equipment with the solution. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse. 1% solutions are stable for 5 days but good disinfectant practice indicates that any residue should be discarded daily.

Each tub contains 50 x 5 gram tablets

Note this is for one Tub of 50 tablets

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