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  Mega Flow Pumps

These pumps offer a large flow rate for a resonable wattage the outlet size is 110mm.

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Mega Flow Pump D25000 Ltrs

Mega flow pump D25000

These Submersable pumps offer a very large flow rate for a resonable wattage all 3 models have a 110mm outlet ideal application where large ammounts of water need to be moved.

:All eletrical parts are embedded in a block of plastic resin.

:High performance design,high efficiency,and energy saving.

:Has ceramic bearings designed for continuous use.

:Pre filter cage for particles up to 8mm.

:Large flow rate low power consumption.

:Built in thermal overload trip for safe protection of the pump


:D25000 25000lph or 5,550gph @ Zero head

:Voltage 230 volts

:Max hieght this will work is 1mtr and gives 3000gph

:Outlet Diameter 110mm

:Wattage 188 watts

:Size 225mm x 225mm x 390mm

Please Note this model will only pump to a height of 1mtr if you wish to use on a Shower Filter you will need one of the larger models below.

Please Note: These pumps need to be plumbed in using 110mm pipe if you reduce down the flow will greatly reduced.

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