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Koi Cafe Feeder (Colour Green)

The Koi Cafe? (Ornamental Fish Feeder) is the industry's first automated feeder developed for feeding ornamental fish. Simply set the battery powered timer (you determine how much Koi Food goes to the fish per feeding and can control when those feedings occur) and train the fish to feed when you can be there to view them.

The Koi Cafe? automatic fish feeder is ideal for feeding Koi and other ornamental fish in your backyard water garden setting. This feeder comes equipped with a rechargeable 6 volt battery and premium digital timer that is capable of feeding up to 8 times per day.

Adjust the feed flow lever and determine the number of seconds per feeding to dispense the right amount of feed every time. A built-in sight gauge makes checking your feed level easy. Koi Cafe? automatic fish feeder holds 4 lbs. of standard Koi food.

Note: We Only Have This Feeder Available in Green

Our price : £389.95 | Members Price: £370.45
Koi Cafe Charger

Our price : £59.95 | Members Price: £56.95
Koi Cafe Solar Panel

Koi Cafe Solar Charger
Excellent 150 ma solar charger. Includes a galvanized sheet metal cover with a red enamel finish that protects wire from varmints. Maximizes the life of your battery because these batteries perform the best when kept charged and are not allowed to run down.

Note these are green in colour

Our price : £149.95 | Members Price: £142.45

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