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Koyoshi Silk Worm Pupae (1.6kg - 5.6Ltr Bucket)

Silkworm Pupae is a natural and very nutritional high energy food. Ideal for hand feeding. Silkworm Pupae increases skin colours and lustre, also growth and body shape.

Silkworm protein is acknowledged by Japanese breeders as the ultimate ingredient for feeding and for colour improvement of Koi, Silkworm Pupae have a unique type of protein and silk oil properties that koi can digest easily.

Fed as a high protein food 'treat', these dried silkworm pupae are high in silk protein which enhances colour distinction and vibrancy.

Only use above 60 F

Maximum feed once a day

Typical Analysis

Min crude protein 60%
Min crude fat 25%
Max fibre 3%
Max ash 6%
Max moisture 8%

Available in a Handy 1.6kg - 5.6Ltr Bucket

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Koyoshi Whole Meal Worms 800grms - 5.6Ltr Bucket

Whole meal worms a natural Live food,high in protien ideal for growth & development of Koi Carp,

800 grams

Available in a Handy 800grm - 5.6Ltr


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Koyoshi River Shirmp 700grms - 5.6Ltr Bucket

Koyoshi River Shrimp!

A Natural Product FOR YOUR KOI ...
The Quality of your Koi is often judged by the quality of the foods you feed them ..

Freshwater shrimp that lives only in the cleanest unpolluted waters throughout the world. It is related to the most natural food of Koi: the water louse...

Now you can feed one of the most nourishing treats to them in the form of these tiny river Shrimps ...

Shrimp can be fed to your Koi as a treat and to help boost their vitality and colouration.

The red form of River Shrimp is very suitable as a supplementary Koi food.. Not only because it contains the natural source of colour enhancers, but also because it's structure stimulates the natural digestive process in Koi.
River Shrimp are selectively harvested from the cleanest streams in the Arctic regions. Since they cannot tolerate any type of pollution, they are therefore a very reliable food source for our beloved Koi ...

Freshwater Shrimp Nutritional Data - Ingredients:

Protein 46%
Fibre (Crude) 6.2%
Calcium 3.9%
Phosphor 0.3%
Water 10.8%
Fat 8.5%

Available in a Handy 700grm - 5Ltr Bucket

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Koyoshi Koi Cakes 1.75kg - 5Ltr Bucket

Koyoshi Koi Cakes

Hand feeding treats encourages smaller fish to feed from the surace.

These tasty feeding treats helps you tame your fish,ideal for Koi of 10 inches and above,

Feeding Instructions For Koi Cakes

You can feed you fish as mant times a day as you wish.
However,if throwing looses food(not hand feeding}onlythrow them as much as they will consume in ten minutes.
The amount they eat per feeding will vary with the water temperature and season.
All uneaten food should be removed as soon as possible

Contains Spirullina and Carotene to improve and enhance the colour of your fish

Typical Analysis

31% protien
9% Ash Vit A 5000 iu/kg
6% Oil Vit D 500 iu/kg
3% Fibre Vit E 100 mg/kg

Available in a Handy 1.75kg - 5Ltr Bucket

Our price : £19.95 | Members Price: £18.95
MediKoi Srimp Balls (NT Labs)

Medikoi Shrimp Balls

These large floating balls of natural Shrimp goodies have been specifically designed for all sizes of pond fish.

A high protein fun food treat that is designed to accelerate growth and energise your fish.

Medikoi Balls float on contact with the water and re-hydrate allowing fish to pick off food particles in a frantic feeding frenzy as they chase the balls around the surface of the pond.

Freeze-dried Garmmarus Srimps,

Protien 47% Fat 12% Fibre 5% Moisture 12%,

Feed when water temp is 12c or 54F

Quantity 6 Ball Treats

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